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Ambassador Program

Welcome and thanks for your interest in becoming an ambassador/affiliate for our company. Before registering we would like you to know some of our requirements and benefits.


1. You must have an active social media account with two out of the three:

2. At least one of your social media accounts must have 3k+ followers

3. Social media accounts must be active and show posting on a weekly basis

4. Genuine love for The Blue Line Boutique (in what we represent and our products)

5. Minimum of two purchases a month (with 30% off discount) so that you will be promoting current items (ever item purchased with 30% off code must be promoted)


Promoting Process: 

1. Use Instagram, Facebook and/or TikTok to post our products within one week of purchasing product(s)

2. Products can be displayed in images, videos, or lives

3. MUST post minimum of two times in a month to keep contract in good standing

4. Tag “The Blue Line Boutique” in each image, video, or live

5. Interact with “The Blue Line Boutique” social media (from liking or commenting on business page posts, stories, reels, or videos)

6. Promote and share company announcements such as promotions, live sales, and events

7. Any photos or videos tagging “The Blue Line Boutique” become our property and may be used as we see fit for the brand  


1. Commission on sales (details provided below).

2. Personalized affiliate code for 10% OFF (available for family, friends, and followers).

3. You will receive a discount code for 30% OFF “The Blue Line Boutique” items you purchase to promote. You will only be able to use this code for items you promote and not items you purchase for personal use. 

4. All items purchased with 30% off must be promoted (We will be doing quality checks to make sure requirements are met. We will void your contract if you are not following our guidelines for promoting).

5. Exposure on “The Blue Line Boutique” social media platform.


1 to 49: orders you will receive 5% commission 
50 to 99:  orders you will receive 7.5% commission
100 & up:  orders you will receive 10% commission

(excluding tax) 


Your commission payment will be paid on the 1st of each month (if the 1st falls on a weekend it will be the next business day) for sales of the month prior. We make payments through Venmo or PayPal. You will also be required to provide tax information and will receive form 1099 for the tax year.   

*At any point in time we have the right to withdraw your affiliate account, without question if you are not abiding by all the terms and conditions. *