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Ambassador Program


Before registering we would like you to know some of our requirements and benefits.

-       Public social media account with two out of the three
o    Instagram o    Facebook o    Tiktok

-       Following of 3,000 or more on one account
-       Actively posting
-       Genuine love for The Blue Line Boutique (in what we represent and our products)
-       Minimum of two purchases a month (with 30% off discount) so that you will be promoting current items (ever item purchased with 30% off code must be promoted)
-       Promote brand and product on your own social media
o    Instagram, Facebook, Tiktok

o    With image, video, or live
o    MUST post minimum of two times in a month to keep contract
o    Tag “The Blue Line Boutique” social

-       Interact with “The Blue Line Boutique” social media (from liking or commenting)
-       Promotes and shares company announcements such as promotions, live sales, and events
-       Any photos or videos tagging “The Blue Line Boutique” become our property and may be used as we see fit for the brand  


-       Commission (details provided below)
-       Personalized affiliate code for 10% off (available for family, friends, and followers)
-       30% off “The Blue Line Boutique” items
o    Purchased over the phone with employee (further details after being accepted)
o    All items purchased with 30% off must be promoted (if we find out you are using discount but not promoting items your contract will be forfeited)
-       Exposure on “The Blue Line Boutique” social media platform  


- 1-49 orders you will receive 5% commission 
- 50-99 orders you will receive 7.5% commission
- 100-up orders you will receive 10% commission

(excluding tax)  

*At any point in time we have the right to withdraw your affiliate account, without question if you are not abiding by all the terms and conditions. *



Click link below to apply: